Storage Recommendations

To see storage recommendations (compiled by Dr. Randy Beaudy) for different regions of North America, click here.

New York-grown fruit are susceptible to bitter pit, rot, senescent breakdown, soft scald, and soggy breakdown. Use delayed cooling of 10-20 °C (50-68 °F) for 1 week prior to long-term storage at 3.5 °C (38 °F). However, this may increase levels of bitter pit (Watkins et al., 2004), senescent breakdown, and rot (Robinson and Watkins, 2003). Warmer storage temperatures will decrease incidence of soggy breakdown, soft scald, and superficial scald.

Honeycrisp is susceptible to Penicillium blue mold (Rosenberger, 2003). Sanitize bins, packing areas, and storage rooms, and keep fruit away from bins and areas contaminated with blue mold.

Internal (soggy) breakdown, soft scald, Jonathan spot, and off-flavors have been observed in Nova Scotia-grown fruit. Bitter pit is generally not a problem (DeLong et al., 2004). Use delayed cooling, placing fruit at 50-68 °F (10-20 °C) for 4-7 days, < 50% RH, prior to long-term storage at 37-41 °F (3-5 °C). To reduce fruit decay and greasiness, and maintain flavor and juiciness, store fruit under 2.5 kPa O2, 1-1.5 kPa CO2 at 37 °F (3 °C; DeLong et al., 2006).

Soft scald and soggy breakdown are commonly seen in Ontario-grown fruit. Store fruit at 3-4 °C (37-39 °F). Limited success has been found using 2.5% oxygen and less than 2% carbon dioxide at 3-5 °C (37-41 °F). Internal browning has occurred at 2.5% oxygen and 2.5 % carbon dioxide at 1.5-2 °C (35-36 °F).

Photos by Randolph Beaudry


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