Honeycrisp in Ontario


Use semi-dwarfing rootstocks such as M26, M.9 RN29, and MM.106.


Retain may be used to prevent preharvest fruit drop. Thin fruit using NAA with or without Sevin to 6 fruit per square centimeter trunk area measured 15-20 cm above the graft union (Schupp et al., 2001).

Disease Susceptibility

Honeycrisp is susceptible to blue mold, black rot, powdery mildew, and cedar apple rust (Rosenberger, 2003).To prevent bitter pit, use calcium sprays and avoid excessive nitrogen fertilization.

Maturity Indices

Harvest when starch index is above 5, firmness is between 15 and 17 pounds, and soluble solids content is near 15% (Cline and Gardner, 2005).


Use delayed cooling of 10C (50F) for 5-7 days prior to long-term storage.

Soft scald and soggy breakdown are commonly observed in Ontario-grown Honeycrisp, so store fruit at 3-4 C. Limited success has been found using 2.5% oxygen and less than 2% carbon dioxide at 3 - 4 C.

SmartFresh has little effect on firmness, but reduces ethylene production and the development of greasiness. Honeycrisp treated with SmartFresh also usually have higher acidity and soluble solids content.


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