Honeycrisp Apple Research Results

This site is intended to assist growers and researchers resolve production and postharvest issues with the Honeycrisp apple. It is a collaborative product of the CSREES regional Postharvest of Fruit project. Please check back often for updates.

Honeycrisp fruit has proven to be popular with consumers, but can be tricky to grow and store. What's more, the problems vary with geographical region, and sometimes even from tree to tree within an orchard. Some of the problems the fruit can develop include bitter pit, soft scald, soggy breakdown, internal browning, CA injury, carbon dioxide injury and soft rots. On the other hand, Honeycrisp is frost tolerant, has some resistance to scab, and the fruit maintain their crispy texture without the need for controlled atmosphere storage or 1-MCP. If you are growing Honeycrisp and seek research-based information, read on.